BirthVenue Launches Blockchain Training Program for Young Professionals

BirthVenue Launches Blockchain Training Program for Young Professionals

BirthVenue Growth Solutions Pvt Ltd has launched a new Blockchain training program for young professionals working out of coworking spaces or any company offices. After a recent entry in the education market, BirthVenue has started expanding its up-skilling services from college students to early & mid stage professionals across sectors.

After PES University in Bangalore successfully adopted their Blockchain training program, many more colleges have been looking to implement a similar training curriculum from the next semester commencing from January. Their first program has been specially designed for the needs of university students to understand the fundamentals of Blockchain and adopt it as a career.

To help the community further and increase the impact, BirthVenue is now expanding its training services to working professionals in corporate, startups, and anyone situated out of centers like co-working spaces. The delivery model of this new program is quite different for professionals for reasons such as heavy focus on practical hands-on applications, and a good peer group of friends and colleagues in the same location.

Through BirthVenue’s skilled team and latest partnerships, they have the potential to scale their services and offer this much sought after course to a broader audience. The biggest blockchain training provider, IBM, has officially partnered with BirthVenue for their development and training services. What this partnership means for BirthVenue is great support in terms of curation, network of blockchain experts, latest updates in the blockchain industry, and most important – internationally recognised certifications.

“Learning something is a lot like downloading a computer program into your memory. The simpler it is, the more effective your skills would become. The more personal it is, the higher will be your retention of the same. Hence, we strongly believe that offline + online combination is the right way to go about deep tech training like Blockchain.” said Rohit, Director of BirthVenue.


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